Easy Healthy Fingerfood in 5 Min 

Endives with Roquefort and Walnuts

1 Endive

Little bit of Roquefort Cheese ( or any Blue)

2 Walnuts 

White Wine vinegar, Olive oil


Peel the leaves from endive, one by one. To do so successfuly, cut regularly the hard end of endive. Rince them, dry and place on the plate.

Cut very small pieces of Roquefort and place them towards the strong end of Endive leaf. 

Put 2 halfs of Walnut on the working surface and put the knife’s flat side on it. Apply pressure with your palm. It will crush them nicely in bites. Add few on each leaf.

Put one drop of white wine vinegar ( or lemon) and one drop of olive oil on each.

Your easy, healthy and chic fingerfood is ready!

Bon appetit! 



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