Vegetable Clear Soup


Vegetable clear soup is the fastest way to cook and eat something healthy, tasty and warm.

You basicaly need the water and cube of bouillon! And of course, some vegetables. I use what my fridge and freezer gives me.

Today it is:


Snow peas

Baby carrots

Celery stick

Green peas (from freezer)



You just let it boil, adding hard veg first (carrots, celery) and adding the soft veg little later. If you cut your veg in small pieces, in 5-10 minutes it is done.

I like to add piece of fresh ginger root, it gives to the soup little spicey and warm taste, and today I was lucky, I had a lemon grass, so I added it too.

NB: For Noemie and all students that are now around the world, taking care for their cooking first time faraway from home: it is cool to have some frozen vegetables in your freezer (supposing you have one). You can really buy those you like, or one bad per veg, or just the mixure you like already ready. Then, if you are really hungry and you need something more nurishing, you can add 2 sppons of rice at the beginning of cooking directly to the soup or some vermicelli 3 minutes before the end. It is kind of soup you can eat/drink from the big cup and still study as there is not too much ennergy going to the digestion:)




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